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We are dedicated to providing women, men and disadvantaged youth with industry ready skills to become licensed Natural Hairstylist and Makeup Artist. Our program is designed to give back to the community by offering vocational skills at little to no cost to low-income students.  Our program provides all of the essential training to help those in need, unemployed or under-employed receive gainful employment and or become successful entrepreneurs.

We believe that homelessness, welfare and poverty can be eliminated by empowering people to become self reliant through learning a trade or a skill. When people in need are given a hand-up, rather than a handout, the outcome is positive and sustainable. Our mission is to empower disadvantage women, men and youth to become self sufficient. We have found that the “impossible” becomes realistic when individuals collaborate to help others. Necessity has inspired humanity to reach out and find like-minded people - to collaborate, trade, and assist one another in time of need.  Help us to help numerous disadvantage women, men and youth out of poverty, become financially independent, and to provide for themselves and their families.


Mission: Natural Hair, Braiding and Weaving Program

Currently African American Salons have seen a drastic change in customer request. Over 80% of customers patronizing African American salons are requesting all natural hair services and products. This change in demand has made an impact on the nature of training and forced the cosmetology industry to recognize Natural Hair as a necessary program desired by the public.  This new skilled workforce focusing on Natural hair care is in high demand. I.M.A.G.E.S has developed and continues to produce an educated workforce of talented Professional artist, to enter the field of Beauty. I.M.A.G.E.S creates an environment of self empowerment, positive imagery, and self awareness across all cultures, neighborhoods and communities.


Mission: Makeup Artistry Program

The trend for make up has seen a constant year after year phenomenal growth in sales. Professional makeup Artists are in high demand for new and existing product lines, bridal industry and special events.  Our team of Makeup Guru Instructors teach methods in all facets of makeup. Our students are trained and certified in application techniques.


Because FAFSA does not financially support any program with less than 600 hours The Natural Hair Program and Make up Program does not fit within the guideline. Students wanting to train in Natural Hair and Make up must self pay for their education. This drastically effects student participation in this program, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, creating an even smaller workforce for these high demand skills.


I.M.A.G.E.S in conjunction with Marcella Ellis School of Cosmetic Arts, train, certify and job place students within this program in less than 3 months.  Not only do we assist in employment  search for our students, we teach them to become BEAUTY GURUS and entrepreneurs using social media in an impactful way.









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